Life Series

     Life Series I, II, III and IV are large paintings depicting what I believe to be the “normal” prescribed evolution of  most human beings.  
      They begin alone - and with that aloneness comes the question as to “who are I?” with the reply eventually, “I am, who I am.”  
      Inevitably, they fall in love and their question of “who am I?” becomes “who are we?” “Are we a couple” do I lose myself or do I become something bigger by being with you.  Life Series 2 shows a couple united but still there is space between them suggesting togetherness but also independence.
      Couple-hood inevitably leads to parenthood - depicted in Life Series 3.  The couple now are parents  - with a child between them - adding to their "couple- hood“ - but also dividing it. 
      Life Series IV depicts the final life stage - death .  No longer are there  any questions - one is who one is - and once again, they are alone.