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A Unique Gift!

April 3, 2022
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Kathy Coslett gave her husband, Doug, a gift certificate from me December 2021. The idea was for him to 'commission me to do a painting he would like. Doug said: I want my family to be in the painting so they know how important they are to me. He shared what art works of mine he liked and others that he had seen. After talking he shared many photos and gave me the freedom to interpret what I felt and heard him saying. The piece came to life in my mind. I picked a photo of the four Coslett's on vacation in Grand Cayman. I loved the way they were all intertwined and connected. Using marks to show this, I made colorful lines going over them, through them and all around them just as the air and environment they exist in. My attempt was to show that even if they aren't always physically together, they always carry one another within themselves, wherever they are.