Looking Down in Wonder

11 February 2018




We often look 'up' or 'out' to see the always available 'show' Mother Nature is giving us.  As of late, I have been seeing her random beauty by looking down.  There is no arranging or rearranging needed with pine needles atop fern amongst dead leaves.  It's all exquisite - the living amongst the decay. 









The Happy Series

19 January 2018

Words have vibrations, as does color - so why not surround yourself with high vibe words and color? 


Mr. Tobie - Fifteen Years Old!

11 January 2018


I went to nursery school with Tobie's master and he and his wife  asked me to do a portrait of their 'first child' of fifteen years. Tobie is a Scottish terrier and still looking rather regal for an old chap! 


Marriage and Family....

06 January 2018

She said she wanted a painting that depicted her marriage vows and the energy/ life force of her four girls.  She looked at my past works and came up with the colors and some ideas.  I worked them into a sketch which she added some comments.  On Christmas Eve, I delivered the works and unveiled them to one happy mamma.  Thank you is what I say : )




'Pineal Pinecone'

23 December 2017

May you and your family be blessed in 2018!!!! 

                                "Pineal Pincone 1" acryic on panel 30" x 30" 


Throughout the span of recorded human history, Pinecones have served as a symbolic representation of Human Enlightenment, the Third Eye and the Pineal Gland.

Conifer Pine Trees are one of the most ancient plant genera on the planet, having existed nearly three times longer than all flowering plant species. The Pinecone is the evolutionary precursor to the flower, and its spines spiral in a perfect Fibonacci sequence in either direction, much like the Sacred Geometry of a rose or a sunflower.

Our “Pine”al Gland, shaped like (and named after) the Pinecone, is at the geometric center of our brain and is intimately linked to our body's perception of light. The Pineal modulates our wake-sleep patterns and circadian rhythms, remains uniquely isolated from the blood-brain barrier system, and receives a higher percentage of blood flow than any other area of the body save the kidneys.


It is considered by many to be our biological Third Eye, the "Seat of the Soul," the “Epicenter of Enlightenment” -- and its sacred symbol throughout history, in cultures around the world, has been the Pinecone.

SPCA Fence Pieces

27 November 2017

                                'Gus Amongst the Flowers and Butterflies'

                                            'Center of the Universe'

Several local artists are working on  6'x 8' wooden fences with images assigned by patron of the arts and animals.  The finished pieces will contain an area for animals and humans to get to know one another and to see if they are a potential match.  

Here I did Gus amongst the flowers and gnomes and center of the universe - which all dogs are, of course! 


Danville HOPE Mural Up!

26 October 2017







The Danville mural for the psych unit is up!  The thing I love is the floors above it can look down and see the HOPE images.  It's on the outdoor rooftop where patients can get some fresh air and exercise amongst colorful imagery. 






Danville Psych Unit

28 September 2017

The Geisinger psych unit in Danville is the only facility that has an outdoor space for patients.  The 8' x 80' wall is begging for inspiration which is where I come in.  I designed images of hope and happiness.  The process involves priming cloth (with some help from my friends ; )) and then painting.  Here are some images - the wall, the priming and the begining -!




She said: "all my clothes are black but today I bought a peach skirt".

07 August 2017



I recently did a black and white series, experimenting with graphite powder, charcoal, acrylic and fixative.  Prior to this my studio was filled with oranges and greens reflecting the colors the wet summer has produced.  Last night, she said:  "all my clothes are black but today I bought a peach skirt".   This morning as I wrote my daily three pages, it occurred to me her statement reflected the wall in my studio.  And then I took a look at the major color in my closet..... 




A Welcome Home Painting

13 July 2017


Yesterday Chris and Mandy picked up a commissioned piece for Mandy's foyer.  She wanted an uplifting landscape with poppies which are her birthday flower.  The mourning dove and cardinal represent those that have passed.   Was so fun to do this piece and I am glad it will be seen by many who come through the front door. 


Pittston High School Mural Hung!

04 July 2017



The mural shows the work done at at residency with Judy Greenwalds's art classes at Pittston high school.  They worked on designing and painting the "Welcome to Pittston" mural overseen by myself and Judy.   Judy Greenwald and Clark Riley were on the rooftop of the YMCA handing glued pieces of the mural to me and the mayor of Pittston, Jason Kush which we adhered to the wall.  Main Street Pittston, Pennsylvania is on track to have the most original artworks per square foot in the nation according to by past mayor Michael Lombardo.  The best picture is to come of the students on the rooftop with their creation as insisted by the overseer of all the great art projects, Rose Pizzuto.  It takes a village and there sure were so many people who helped - Hadley construction donated the lift and manpower.  Big Thanks to all! 




She liked...

02 July 2017



She liked the Vortex painting and the dragonfly painting. She loves nature and is in the field of helping people. She commissioned me to create a painting for her new office. This is what I came up with.  




Here's Gus!

25 June 2017


Here's Gus, he's been memorialized on this 6' x 10' fence which is going to be one of many forming a courtyard at the SPCA.  In this space potential owners can meet their future pet.




I Want....

21 May 2017

I want to feast my eyes 

I want to consciously realize

I want to be present for… 

I want to like myself more



I’m going to take it as it comes....


                         "Coming up for Air 2"

                       Acrylic, collage on panel

                               48" x 24" 


I’m going to take it as it comes. : )

Four Murals for a new Hardee's in Wilkes-Barre

28 May 2017


Hardee's is a franchise that requires at least two murals which up until now, were done on the computer and enlarged. Thanks to Jim O'Connell of Resource Media, I was able to paint them.  Jim designed the images to represent what it means to live in Wilkes- Barre.  He also did final touches once they were hung.  The fours colleges: King's, Wilke's, LCCC and Misericordia are depicted as well as the Susquehanna River and lush northeastern Pennsylvania landscape. The historical buildings: The Luzerne County Court House, City Hall, and the Stegmaier Federal Building are just a few of the outstanding structures that grace our city and are shown with kids enjoying the River Commons.  Hardee's is located right off of 81 across from TGIF'S and is connected to a gas station all owned by Nick Patel. The comments so far have been so amazed that a Hardee's would have original art.  I'm thankful that they do and that I was a part of a new beginning. 









Good Bye March - Hello April

31 March 2017


It's raining.  This I know for sure, it's going to be one lush spring. 

Without the gray days, we wouldn't appreciate the sun when it shines, shines, shines .... and it will.  Always does. 

Fox sighting

12 March 2017

The almighty fox took a long gaze my way the other day gingerly sauntering away as my dog, Weez, went bezerk.  Animal sightings do not go unnoticed and I immediately look to see what they are telling me.   This is what I found.

 The symbolism of a fox sighting :



  • Physical or mental responsiveness, increased awareness
  • Cunning; seeing through deception; call to be discerning
  • Ability to find your way around, to be swift in tricky sitations
  • Affinity with nocturnal activities and dream work

Goodbye January

31 January 2017

Seeing  the sun through the tunnel of darkness on my walk  sends calm and hope to my being. We have our share of gray days here in Northeaster Pa, so when the sun comes out it, everyone want to shout out "Hallelujah!."  Hence, the title of this piece - 40" x 40" on charmeuse silk. 



She Said....

25 January 2017

She said:   "I hadnt' seen one of these in a long time when your text came in."


A New Year.....

01 January 2017