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Boden Opens in Pittston

14 December 2011
The Boden Clothing Store has opened on Main Street in Pittston - a grand opening on Friday introduced the store with great food, music and big art works amongst the "Anthropology-esque" clothes.
Shown on the left is  Dream 1 on silk which is 50" x 50" framed.

Art in a Setting

04 December 2011

Seeing 'works' in a setting always opens up the possibilities of how art can transform a space.  Here are three of my pieces in room very close to the Caribbean.

Caged to Free Bird

16 November 2011

                    'Caged to Free Bird'  acrylic collage on canvas 9"x12"

Beauty and Pain

08 October 2011

                                   "Shine"   48" x 72"  acrylic on canvas    Leigh Pawling

"One of my favorite stories is told about Renoir, the famous french painter.  Apparently, when he was older, he suffered greatly from arthritis, but he kept painting anyhow.  On one occasion his friend, Matisse, said to him, 'Renoir, why do you keep painting when you are in so much pain?'

Renoir simply replied, 'the pain passes, but the beauty remains.'"

Arts Alive Goes Green!

26 July 2011

This is the third year teaching painting in Scranton for "Arts Alive" with artist Earl Lehman. The theme is "Green" which high school students studying painting, mixed media, photography, dance, and performance interpret  in various venues throughout the city.  We all come together at the end of the intense month for a grand exhibition and production which will be on First Friday in August at the Scranton Cultural Center.  They are doing super work as always and took a moment from their creations for a group shot today. Luna (bottom right) is our mascot!  : )

Black and White with a Touch of Gold and Red

29 June 2011

A new home with a beautiful flowing staircase seen from the foyer demands a stong piece.  This 72" x 40" acrylic on paper is currently getting framed at Marquis Art and Frame in Wilkes-Barre getting itself ready to be hung.



A Father's Day Present

19 June 2011

This 46" x 36" was commissioned for a specific space newly reestablished as a  'men's den'.  The acrylic on canvas captures a memorable event which is forever now documented with an original painting.

Back Mountain Bathroom gets Two New Paintings

06 June 2011
We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms - so, why not have some orginal art to look at while your blow drying your hair or brushing your teeth? This was the thought process of the owner of these two new stretched and framed silks.

Bougainvilla in Dallas

18 February 2011

This week I imagined myself in some exotic place as I painted bougainvillea above three entrances in a beautiful home  in the woods in Dallas, Pa.

'Winter" - Not So Bad To Be Blue

28 January 2011

         "Winter" fabric paint on silk 44" x 44"                                                         by Leigh Pawling

Winter isn't so bad with knock out blue skies like this one ......

Arteccentrix Exhibition Scheduled

02 December 2010

Artist and owner Nickola of Arteccentrix offered me a show November 2011.  Her contemporary gallery in Grand Cayman shows edgy, relelvant works which are greatly admired and appreciated on the island.
Shown is my painting "Water Flows" which is 9' x 6'.

Abstact Expressionist Show at MOMA

09 November 2010

I always love going to museums and seeing Franz Kline's paintings due to the fact that he was from Wilkes-Barre and derived much inspiration from the coal breakers in our area.  Here a one of his works on display at MOMA in NYC - the show runs through April.  It is a nice overview of the Abstract Expressionist painters all from their permanent collection.  I'm shown with another of my favorites - Hans Hoffman. 

Benco Dental Hangs Two Original Floral Pieces

19 October 2010

Yesterday Bob of Benco Dental did a terrific job figuring out the math to center the two pieces he hung in Benco Dental's lobby.  The new site of Benco is on CenterPoint Boulevard in Pittston, Pa.  It's an amazing experience to see the breath of this company - I'm thrilled to have my work part of this classy organization.

Black and White Poppy in Modern Home

11 October 2010

It's always neat to see one of your pieces in a new home being enjoyed and 'communicating' to the owners other art works and sense of space.
This black and white poppy painting looks much different than it did in the studio..... I think it's found a pretty nice home to rest in......

" A Dozen Assorted"

29 September 2010

          shown above is a detailed portion of "Know" by Leigh Pawling and Richard Aston

October First Friday will be a celebration of the collaboration Artist for Art and The Mulberry Poet, Writers Association.  Twelve Artists an twelve writers were paired at random and asked to be completely open to the imaginative process that arises during collaboration.  I was paired with Richard Aston - an accomplished poet who works with words and letters in a visual manner.  We met several times and settled on working together on a 'visual poem' called KNOW.  The collaboration resulted in a colorful, dimensional, frenetic,  transition from his original version.

"A Dozen Assorted" will be on exhibition through October 30th.  An opening reception will be held on Friday, October 1st from 6-9.  There will be a second reception and reading on Friday, October 15th at 7PM at the AFA Gallery 514 Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pa.

Artists, Sponsor, Curator and President

14 September 2010
Friday night was a joy filled evening with a large attendence to the Collective Vision Exhibition at the Shulman Gallery at LCCC.  Shown above is me with artist Allison Maslow in front of my series "Variations on a Theme".  The group shot is from left to right: curator Kelly Olszyk, Jim Lennox, me, Maria Livrone, President of the college Thomas Leary, and Roxanne Shulman.  Bottom Row: Barbro Jernberg, Nina Davidowitz, Allison Maslow, and Art Miller.  The show is up till October 16th.

Arttists of Collective Vision

14 September 2010

Friday night was the opening of Collective Visions at LCCC Shulman Gallery.  It was so wonderful to see so many people out and about enjoying art, eachother and the beautiful evening. 

Clean States

15 May 2010
I'm done teaching at Keystone, have finished the mural art training program in Philly as well as commissions and a WB mural.  This is what's in front of me in the studio - about 10 'fresh clean slates' for some upcoming shows as well as a commission or two.

Cavil in Moonlight

05 May 2010
One week from today is the opening for the Mural arts Training Program which is in Philadelphia at the Mural Arts Program headquarters which also happens to have been Thomas Eakins house! 
My design depicts the nine 'wolf rules' from "Women Who Run with Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.  The rules are eat, rest, rove in between, render loyalty, love the children, cavil in moonlight, attend to the bones, make love and howl often.  The section depicted for the show is 'cavil in moonlight'.

A commission for Above the Fireplace

22 April 2010
Here is a painting commissioned for above the fireplace of a back mountain couple.  The images correspond to things they like to do together along with special dates and names.