Hanging and Speaking

16 November 2012

Here are the four flowers hanging - emanating the energy of each girl - or so the mother says....

Four Flowers for Four Girls

10 November 2012

Have you ever heard the question - "if you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?"  Well, this is the question that popped in my head but slightly differently.  My lastest commission has come to fruition based on this quesion: "if each of your four girls were a flower, what kind of flower would they be?"  The answer came back - Calla lilly for the oldest daugther, Dahlia and sunflower for the middle girls and tulip for the youngest.  Pretty cool answer and pretty cool installation that took ... eight hours to hang.  Thanks to Marquis art and frame and four awesome guys who helped hang these over eight feet paintings.  Stay tuned for the completed installation... coming to your computer soon...... : )!

Sunflower for Marywood

11 October 2012

The colorful mural of the sunflower I did in Tunkhannock, inspired me to do a black and white 41"x76" acrylic painting on paper.  It is one of six that will be hung in the group show at Marywood a week from Saturday.  Opening reception is from 6-8 - a great fall event!!

Renovation Project Completed!

01 October 2012

Last night I got the word that the scaffolding was taken down and this picture was sent showing the building in Tunkhannock -standing tall and proud - with all the love and dedication given to it in the past two months.  The sunflower which is seen on the original cornice gave Carlos Penedos the idea to have me paint one with butterflies.
Certainly it will add some life to a busy corner - brightening the days of many a passerby.

He Said "I would like a painting ....

11 September 2012

He said " I would like a painting of the spot were my future son-in-law proposed to my daughter  to give them as a wedding present."

The spot - familiar to many who have seen the paintings while in my studio immediately say "that's Rickett's Glen!"  We're lucky to have such a beautiful spot - and what an idyllic place to say 'yes'! 

It's Started!

06 September 2012

It's started - I'm way up on scaffolding... Foreman Dave said " No flip flops tomorrow" hmmmm.... it's just nice to dangle my legs off the edge with no shoes on while painting.......

Coming Soon to a Wall Near You!!

04 September 2012

Keep your eyes PEELED nepa!  Soon coming to a Wall Near You!!!   I start tomorrow working on this beautiful sunflower with butterflies to boot - It's going to be big and in a prime spot... but.....nooone will see it --- till it's all done - finito!

Mural Manifestation

02 September 2012

Visualization, vision boards, and writing your dreams down are powerful tools for manifestation.  A couple years ago I did a study for a mural never actualized which illustrates the nine wolf rules from Clarissa Pinkola Estes book 'Women who Run with Wolves".  The rules tell how to regain or maintain a sense of balance and are as follows:  Eat, Rest, Rove in Between, Render Loyalty, Love the Children, Cavil in Moonlight, Tend to the Bones, Make Love, and Howl Often. 
If all goes well there is  a chance the study may become a reality due to a good friend who now works in Santa Monica for a humanitarian agency wanting a mural to support their vision.  We'll see - it's in writing as to what I want ....  oh, and the Universe likes speed!


22 August 2012

                         Karma bracelet by Mary-Beth Korutz-Killian.  Turquoise farthest right
My niece Gabby is heading back to school Saturday - she was able to fit me into her schedule for lunch giving me the opportunity to give her a Karma bracelet by Mary-Beth Korutz- Killian.  She loved it ----!

Eight years old and All is Well

14 August 2012

The theme for Ruby's eighth birthday was mermaids - so, with the help of Google Images I recreated a mermaid in a circular canvas to present to her on her celebration. Having six nieces is one of the my greatest joys... their walls are art-filled as I've given them artwork by me or fellow artists for their Christmas and birthday presents since they were born.

Pa Artisans Exhibit Opening

11 August 2012

Last night was a great opportunity to meet some fellow Pa artisans from outside the area.  The Shulman Gallery is a beautiful space to exhibit and Kelly (on right in photo) does a wonderful job curating the shows. 

Tools that help tools...

07 August 2012

Tools surround me - I just have to pick them up and use them.... these books are tools which help me to pick up and use the tools of creation... I my case... brushes.  Thanks be to this day.

Rebecca Zelinski at AFA

04 August 2012

There's a great new show that opened at AFA in Scranton yesterday by Rebecca Zelinski - her work inspired me in many ways - the simplicity and texture.  The works are encaustic which is using wax with paint creating amazing textural effects.  I'm showing a work I purchased and am so excited to hang it amongst my other favorite artists!

Pennsylvania Artisans Exhibit

02 August 2012

August 10 - September 6, 2012 with an opening reception Friday August 10, 2012 , 6:00 - 8:00 pm

Artists:  Mark Chuck, Thomas Colbert, Paul Kicklighter, Earl Lehman, George Manns, Ben Manns, Susan Obaza, Leigh Pawling, Linda Schwartz, Bonnie Shanas, Ellen Silberlicht, Rachel Van Tassel, Jan Winemiller, Charles Gregory Wood


at LCCC 2nd floor Campus Center 1333 South Prospect Street, Nanitcoke, PA
Hours : 9am to 5pm Monday- Friday
Evenings and Weekends by Appointment 570 740-0727  1-800-377-5222

Pediatric Mural

01 July 2012

Going to the doctor or dentist is never at the top of ones list of favorite things to do -  however, when I do go, I take in the reception area - and artwork helps the visit immensely.  It amazes me the power of art - it truly can heal - in more ways than one..... hopefully this new mural in a local pediatric hospital will have such an impact.

She said 'Make his Shirt Blue"

26 June 2012

Here's a comissioned  portrait of a man - she said "make the shirt blue'.   What a treat to get out my oils as I've been using acrylics mostly.  Opening my box brought back memories of New York - the smell of oils in my studio was wonderful. 

From Blueprints to Art

10 June 2012

Here's a huge machine - that prints on plastic which is the underlying foundation for the artwork which will hang in the board room of I2M which stands for Innovation to Manufacturing.  The press from Italy is gigantic and seeing it at the Crestwood Industrial Park, helped me to understand the blueprints.  Certain areas in the work took on an abstract feeling - like a Diebenkorn with repetition of shape and color tying everything together.   Lisi at Marquis in Wilkes-Barre has come up with the perfect framing solution - simple.  I can't wait for the hanging!!

Rothko Altar

02 June 2012

Mark Rothko is the centerpiece of my altar - his calming paintings blew me away when I saw them at his retrospective in DC years ago.   The scale of the works - the progression of his palette from light to dark as he progressed into his depression was hauntingly beautiful.   One of these days I really want to see the Rothko Chapel in Houston, Texas . 
The Rothko Chapel, founded by Houston philanthropists John and Dominique de Menil, was dedicated in 1971 as an intimate sanctuary available to people of every belief. A tranquil meditative environment inspired by the mural canvases of Russian born American painter Mark Rothko (1903-1970), the Chapel welcomes over 60,000 visitors each year, people of every faith and from all parts of the world.  On the plaza, Barnett Newman's majestic sculpture, Broken Obelisk, stands in memory of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

She Said "I need new energy in this Room"

24 May 2012

She said " I need new energy in this room"  The view of an angle of her house - just the corner showing the bluest sky with white clouds rolling in.  A four foot by six foot acrylic on canvas breathing new life into a room - pretty neat.....

He Said....

13 May 2012
                                             detail from Elevating 9  acryic on panel 20" x 20"
He said "why don't you put a fragment of yourself amongst those cell?"  I said  "I did......"