Sublimity 7 - The Push Pin

04 September 2014

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 7 The Push Pin


The Push Pin. I see beauty in the banal. Sometimes I’m not sure why I am pulled toward certain subjects - the push pin - it’s bright color and sharp point compels me. 

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45

Sublimity 6 - Holding it Together

04 September 2014

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 6 Holding it together


The paper clip holds together that which is loose. My day has ‘structures’ which help hold me together. Meditation, sketching, running, being with my dog and loved ones, to name a few.

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45

Sublimity 5 - Dancing Now

04 September 2014

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 5 Dancing Now


I listen frequently to a CD by Louise Hay, who says to make time to dance every day!

And when I am dancing all is well in my world - it’s a good vibration. 

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45

Sublimity 4 - Conch Shell 1

04 September 2014

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 4 Conch Shell 1


The conch shell appears a lot in Sublimity 45 - someone once told me ‘you have to make your obsessions work for you’ and these shells sort of haunt me. They have a figurative quality - very feminine and sensual.

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45

Sublimity 3 - Live For the Day

04 September 2014

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 3 Live For the Day


Every summer I’m drawn (no pun intended) to the daylily -

which lives for a day and then dies.

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45

Sublimity 2 - Sat Chit Ananda

04 September 2014

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45 - 02 Sat Chit Ananda


Sat Chit Ananda is the pure, undifferentiated state of non-duality. It is the most perfect expression of our primordial Self, which is energetically inseparable from the power of the Love creating the universe. To reside in this state is the experience of pure Bliss; the essence of Life Itself. This definition of Sat Chit Ananda sums up this painting.

Leigh Pawling Studio Sublimity 45

Landfill Art at Shenadoah Museum of Art - Winchester Virginia

08 September 2014

Saturday night was grand celebration of the amazing landfill art project started over seven years ago by Ken Marquis -

The hubcaps transformed into works of art was in one word... AWESOME.  Here are some pictures ... but to get the full effect- go to Winchester VA to the Shenadoah Art Museum - it's up for six months!

                      Ken Marquis and  Dana Hands Evans Executive Director of the Shenadoah Art Musuem

                                    "Offering Bowl" by artist Judi Keats

                                          My Wolf Rules Bowl - upper right


                 Sculpture Jim Lennox, Me and Founder of Landfill art project Ken Marquis

Sublimity 1 - Moving Towards the Light

05 September 2014

This image has gone through a lot of transitions- it signifies moving towards the light out of the darkness.  

Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art (Exhibition Trailer)

03 September 2014

Local artists Nina Davidowitz, Jim Lennox and Leigh Pawling are in this video!

Mark and Tom

24 August 2014


                    Mark and Tom acrylic on board 70" x 48"

Mark saw the first painting of the Life Series - the color, numbers and size resonated with him inspiring him to commission me to do a painting with dates pertinent to him and  his partner.  It was a joy to paint ......

  LIfe Series 1  acrylic on canvas  72"x60"

The Zen Master in My House

17 August 2014


Here is Eloise -  the zen master who live with me - she does naturally what I aim to do.  She is always in the present moment. 

Open and Closed

04 August 2014

A reoccurring theme in my work has been OPEN and CLOSED.  When I am OPEN to life, I soar..... when I am CLOSED to life ... I don't... it's really as simple as that.  May I be open today and this week... and the same goes for you. 




What Practices Work For You?

23 June 2014


I have a gorgeous leather sketchbook I do something creative every day.  These sketches are like my 'warm ups' to get me in the vortex of creating.  It seems this practice is really working for me - -- what practices are working for you?

Fecundity in the Studio - amping up for fall shows

16 June 2014

I Am Forty-Five - so.... of course, I had forty five 12" x 12" panels made to commemorate and to show at upcoming shows at LCCC in September and Marquis Art and Frame in Scranton in October.

I like this phase - the ideas are coming and I execute -  create and  love - it's all I want to do.


This Girl is on Fire

25 May 2014


My second eldest niece graduated from Boston University last week - and she's off into the real world - setting it on FIRE!

She's awesome......

North Branch Land Trust Dinner/Auction

13 May 2014


             Vertical Fleurs 40" x 40" fabric paint on silk

Tomorrow night my piece 'Vertical Fleurs' will be auctioned off for the North Branch Land Trust annual dinner auction- Barb Romansky says there are still seats available for the grand event which has many special touches and surprises.... Please call 570-696-5545 for reservation!

Beaumont Inn Wine Cellar Mural

12 April 2014

Rob Friedman had vision when he reopened the Beaumont Inn - and people are showing up to take part in wonderful food on the outdoor patio, in the dining area, bar area and now the newly renovated wine cellar.  The setting is so beautiful we decided to bring some of the outside  "in" with a view from the gardens looking back to the inn. 

The opposite wall showcases the talents of Cindy Trudgen with the look being as if you were in an actual wine cellar with barrels of wine.   Many people are booking special occasion - from Anniversary dinners, showers and weddings.  Thanks Rob!
















New works - Nudes

10 April 2014

"Only what has been covered up many times can emerge, immersed, brought up, immersed, brought up, until it flowers and blooms and becomes in its own radiance, spells out its own creative meaning and LIVES.  Only then can we stop our making, let it FLY on its own as all things mean and are meant to soar in spirit, for FREEDOM is the ground from which we rise, nor should we ever limit the horizon, imagination infinitely expands and gives up room for ceaseless change and endless growth."

Richard Pousette-Dart


Lasting Images

07 February 2014



Recently I went to the Guggenheim in New York to see the Christopher Wool exhibit which I enjoyed but was completely taken by a side gallerly curated by Lauren Hinkson named "Lasting Images".   The piece that drew me in by Mona Hatoum was vertical wires suspended in a cube which shifted and changed as you walked along side it.  On closer inspection you saw the the wire were actually barbed wire....  "it's ethereal form belies a forboding presence."

He's 48

07 February 2014















Lately my commissons have been a co-creating experience.  The client wanted something that would stand the test of time for her husband. He loves ... I mean really loves MUSIC and plays the guitar - this is how he unwinds in his 'mans cave'.  So we came up with a close up of a guitar with some special meaning obscured in the center plus his birth date.  The verdict... he can't stop talking about it.....