“Leigh’s artwork embraces both the known and unknown, the concrete and abstract -  a unique find in the artistic community.  Whether a complex mural, a painting on a scarf or a piece of canvas, Leigh’s brushstrokes place a piece of her spirit inside and it is palpable. Her ability to express herself in so many ways has always intrigued me and I consider myself fortunate to be a guardian of some of her creations for my children.”

Karolina Cimochowski
June 3, 2009
"Leigh is a creator of great art...that's what she does and that's what she does well!  Whether Leigh is working on delicate silk or doing a large mural on brick, her attention to detail and her creativity shines brightly. As an Art Gallery owner I know  Leigh as an artist, as an art teacher, and as a human being. She excels at all three!"

Ken Marquis
Marquis Art Gallery
“It is important to note, that Leigh is and has been a working artist her entire life.  She has devoted herself completely to creative expression in a variety of forms.  These include but are not limited to all forms of  painting and drawing, collage, textile arts, interior and outdoor public murals -- having painted tow of the four existing murals in the City of Wilkes-Barre, and sculpture. She imbues an exuberance that comes through clearly in her art, in her passion for teaching, and her love of life. … she possesses an ability to nurture and encourage a person’s capacity to express his or her voice, in a way that otherwise might go undiscovered.”

Shelly Pearce
Cultural Council of Luzerne County
"Leigh's fresh approach and artistry, coupled with an encouraging atmosphere of supportive instruction, will inspire even the most clueless to a satisfying artistic experience.  Bring to that any creative ability at all, and the most surprisingly original creations are coaxed from within!"

from Shavertown, Pa
“Leigh’s career is solidly grounded in the art world - creating, exhibiting, and teaching.  Her talents are evident whether she is painting a mural on the side of a building in Wilkes-Barre, creating images on canvas, teaching a workshop on silk scarf painting, or working with a student in an individual lesson.  She has taught students from ages 4 to 94; her work is has been exhibited in solo, two-person and group shows; and her work is well known in the northeastern Pennsylvania community.”

Dawn Leas
Director of Lower Schools Wyoming Seminary