Metal surface project…

10 September 2008
Ken Marquis has invented a wonderful idea to have artists create on refurbished hubcaps - the initial phase going out to 40 of his artist friends - and I was honored in being the first one to pick - ( I picked a Lincoln) - I finished it over the weekend.  He’s going to be sending the  “hubcaps” all over the world - putting together a traveling exhibition - really cool, eco-friendly project - better for these hubcaps to be hung on a wall then in a landfill!!

Another from easel to wall…..

15 September 2008

This is the Wall …..

15 September 2008
This is the wall on South Main Street in Wilkes-Barre - which is going to be ” a changin” - stay posted to see it’s TRANSFORMATION!!!!

Various people at Third Friday…..

20 September 2008
Lillian and  Joe Caffrey - Margy Mosak and Jen Dressler all enjoy Third Friday at the loft…….