Mark and Tom

24 August 2014


                    Mark and Tom acrylic on board 70" x 48"

Mark saw the first painting of the Life Series - the color, numbers and size resonated with him inspiring him to commission me to do a painting with dates pertinent to him and  his partner.  It was a joy to paint ......

  LIfe Series 1  acrylic on canvas  72"x60"

The Zen Master in My House

17 August 2014


Here is Eloise -  the zen master who live with me - she does naturally what I aim to do.  She is always in the present moment. 

Open and Closed

04 August 2014

A reoccurring theme in my work has been OPEN and CLOSED.  When I am OPEN to life, I soar..... when I am CLOSED to life ... I don't... it's really as simple as that.  May I be open today and this week... and the same goes for you.