What Gives You Joy

29 June 2015

"The Clearing" began yesterday .... in the closet ..... the question posed to each article of clothing "Does it Bring Me Joy?' If not - Get Rid of It.... then move to the kithen - do I really need two spatulas?  Do I really need five sets of salt and pepper shakers?  NO!  So, now Salvation Army has one big Element load of things that I don't need or want. 

Know what I did keep, what did bring me joy?  All the handmade things my nieces gave me and  the artworks from fellow artists friends.  The things that last are the the things that are made by hand. Period. 

What Bring Joy

29 June 2015


'The Clearing' began yesterday - in the closet.  The question asked for every single article of clothing, "Does it Bring Me Joy?'  Then I moved to the kitchen, do I need three sets of salt and pepper shakers? No.  And so it went, drawer to drawer... I'm not done yet - but, what did and does bring me joy are the things made by hand.  The hand carved spoon my niece made at sleep away camp, the artwork that adorns my walls from fellow artist friends.  So if the question begins there - it can continue throughout my day - does this bring me joy?  So thanks Juna Bobby and Robin Giacomo who, got this ball rolling.

A "CNP" Celebration

23 June 2015

What:  Exhibition of flower artworks in conjunction with the Back Mountain  Bloomer      Garden Tour.


When: Saturday June 27th 9am - 4pm


Why:  Our Mom was an original Back Mountain Bloomer and we were asked to show Ramah's flower garden and my artwork in honor of her.

For more information about aquiring tickets please go to: -