She said, “people look like their paintings”

11 June 2013

I am painting with two artists from Romania- one from Moldova - and twenty from Turkey. We are being sponsored by Summa company and by Pittson, PA based Linde International, Inc. The images are of us painting in a mall - Mall Dova - in Moldova. We each have a big canvas to create whatever we want which will be sold to help a local art school.

Yesterday Aylin from Turkey remarked that people looked like their paintings – and she's right!

Heading to Moldova

11 June 2013

                         summaArt USA Painters Campus 2005 Wilkes University Wilkes Barre Pa

In 2005 I was invited along with seven other American artists to paint with eight Turkish Artists at Wilkes University, Pa. This amazing opportunity was sponsored by Linde Enterprises Inc which is affliated with SUMMA- an internationall contruction company based in Turkey.   The head of SUMMA- Mete Bora -  loves artists and providing opportunites  for artists to gather, paint, and exchange ideas.   Scott Linde recently (I mean really recently) asked if I would like to participate in a Summa Art seven day painting excursion in Mondolva - and I said .... YES!!  So tomorrow I go - every so often the stars line up - thank you Scott, thank you Mete Bora.......  - Mondolva- ..... here I come!