Mike commissioned a portrait of me with his hat…

09 June 2008

Naming at the Blind Association

02 June 2008

Friday night was the naming celebration for the new Blind Association building - an incredible association that does amazing good for the blind and visually impaired.  My paintings are throughout the building - a donation in honor of my mother.

We came up with the idea to do large braille paintings that could actually be felt - such as “triumph”, “accomplishment” and “independence” plus the ad campaing wording donated by Maslow/Lumia and Bartorillo which read “see it” , “feel it”, “believe it”.

Ironically my sisters and I all wore white - and the picture Curtis Salonick took captured the back of one of my silk paintings with the the wings perfectly fitted behind my dads head.  AND, there was a harp playing at the event.  Plus a halo….. see it?

Kitchen and bathroom accents

05 June 2008
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walter gets a drink -

07 June 2008
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Sisters get creative!

09 June 2008

My favorite blackheads (and brown head…)

09 June 2008

Silk hanging-a commission going to China-

17 June 2008