She Said "I need new energy in this Room"

24 May 2012

She said " I need new energy in this room"  The view of an angle of her house - just the corner showing the bluest sky with white clouds rolling in.  A four foot by six foot acrylic on canvas breathing new life into a room - pretty neat.....

He Said....

13 May 2012
                                             detail from Elevating 9  acryic on panel 20" x 20"
He said "why don't you put a fragment of yourself amongst those cell?"  I said  "I did......"

One's Main Task in Life....

13 May 2012

                             "Get me out of here" acrylic collage on panel 15" x 7"


one's main task in life is to give birth to oneself.......Erich Fromm

Wandering Cartoonist Day!

08 May 2012

         A great artist and friend of mine will be at Barnes and Noble on Saturday from 9-9 - make sure to go and have your spirit and soul elevated in more ways than one! 
        Cartoonist Bob Heim will wander around Barnes and Noble in the Arena Hub Plaza, Wilkes-Barre Township, from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, May 12 to commemorate the first-ever "Wandering Cartoonist Day."  The day will also be observed as a fund raiser for the Luzerne County SPCA, when animals, in addition to a wandering cartoonist, will be present. 
        Heim, who admits to loving kids and animals, will demonsrtate for children of all ages how easy and fun it is to make art. He will also be happy to sign copies of his book, The Squeaking Earl.
        The Wilkes-Barre-based cartoonist is pictured, at left in the second row, next to the Squeaking Earl. Other characters from the book which Heim wrote and illustrated include, front row, left to right: Owl, on oboe; Hound, on horn; Cat, on strings, purring out vocals in the style of swing;  Hare, on snare, and a sheep on sax, all hoping to make the public aware. The cartoonist said he had trouble finding a word that rhymed with "sax." 
        As a reminder, Heim says that since Wandering Cartoonist Day is not yet a national holiday, those with jobs will be expected to show up for work on Monday, May 14.

Numbers in my Work

02 May 2012

                                          detail of 'One Day 42'
      Numbers appear in my work representing my age at significant events which happened in my life
      I feel there is an emotional / physical response when a number is heard which alters one on a certain level whether it be conscious or subconscious.
      Many of my works deal with time and the changes that occur in all life - the blooming and the decay - and the continuation of spirit.  After all, everything is temporary.

Ahhhhhh Blue....

15 May 2012

Not much more to say than ahhhhhh Blue...... ; )