Time Running out for Haiku

25 April 2012

This show called for audience participation with writing a Haiku based on the poppy image seen or
inspired by the botanical impressions installation.    The wall is filling up - it's really neat to see!

Opening Night ~

15 April 2012
What a night - well attended - good people, good food, good energy - and good response! 
Here are a shoots by photographer Mike Burnside :

      Curator Brian Bennedetti

                  Liv me and Rich

             Rebecca me and Burgy

            Betsy and Russ


Red at Flow

11 April 2012

                                          Red at Flow - Photo by Burnside

There's a great adventure awaiting you in Jim Thorpe - a one man museum, gallery and amazing local food restaurant called FLOW...... it's a flowing experience - you just gotta go to see what I mean.

False Spring

01 April 2012

        Shovel 42  acrylic on canvas 74" x 18"

Here's a sneak preview of a piece which will be exhibited at the MacDonald Gallery April 10- April 29 with the opening reception Saturday April 14 , 5:00-8:00pm.  It's a shovel - to help dig to deeper levels.......

An Installation

11 April 2012

                                   Pitch Fork and Gerber before heading to MacDonald Gallery

I'm excited about the show at College Misericordia, in Dallas, PA,  which opened today.  Showing with Nina and Skip in the main gallery with my works in a separate gallery gives the viewer a large range of what art is and can be. 
The 'installation' idea came by co-creating with curator Brian Beneditti who wanted the look of the space to feel like my actual studio - hence there is a rawness not ordinary seen in a gallery like setting.  To not worry about framing was liberating..... like going without a certain under garment.....

UPDATE: The show was featured as a "Best Bet" by the Times Leader Guide!,133617