Girl on Beach

26 April 2010
This painting commissioned by a father for his daughter for her June wedding showing her on a Australian beach with a stick in her hand.  The father wanted me to make it look as if she's just written her fiance's name in the sand. What a neat idea - what a neat dad - what a lucky daughter.


05 April 2010
Here's some latest projects - We put a frame on the Aerial view of W-B and painting the surrounding area blue to make it pop a bit. 

A commission by a wife for her the upcoming 40th birthday of her husband

And a painted window for the renovated Balance yoga studio 900 Rutter Ave Forty Fort - the grand opening is this Saturday from 5-8! Congrats Jen!


A commission for Above the Fireplace

22 April 2010
Here is a painting commissioned for above the fireplace of a back mountain couple.  The images correspond to things they like to do together along with special dates and names.