Lasting Images

07 February 2014



Recently I went to the Guggenheim in New York to see the Christopher Wool exhibit which I enjoyed but was completely taken by a side gallerly curated by Lauren Hinkson named "Lasting Images".   The piece that drew me in by Mona Hatoum was vertical wires suspended in a cube which shifted and changed as you walked along side it.  On closer inspection you saw the the wire were actually barbed wire....  "it's ethereal form belies a forboding presence."

He's 48

07 February 2014















Lately my commissons have been a co-creating experience.  The client wanted something that would stand the test of time for her husband. He loves ... I mean really loves MUSIC and plays the guitar - this is how he unwinds in his 'mans cave'.  So we came up with a close up of a guitar with some special meaning obscured in the center plus his birth date.  The verdict... he can't stop talking about it.....