Six 12 Year Olds Celebrate!

12 December 2009
Six lovely girls came to the loft yesterday to celebrate Dominique's 12th birthday.  They each painted their own silk scarf and had a great time doing so - here they are showing off their creations.  Great way to whet their appetite for TGI Fridays and birthday cake! 


11 December 2009
Last week my sisters and I went to Kripalu in Massachusetts - a retreat of healthy food, yoga, and stimulating conversation.  But the best part was being with them. I had a special walk with each of them, bringing back memories of being outside in the woods, building forts and exploring as kids in Dallas, Pa.

Commision to Indianapolis

11 December 2009
Carrie from Indianapolis boyfriend surprised her in November with a trip to Grand Cayman ---- she's surprising him at Christmas with a scene painted by me of the view from the condo ... not too shabby, eh?

Article in Independent Magazine

16 December 2009
The Independent Magazine a fantastic local magazine saluting and encouraging creativity and culture in northeastern Pa came out this week.
Jim O'Connell - creative director of the magzine- wrote a super article on the mural works I've done on the second block of South Main St. 
You can read it by clicking here