And Like a Tree you have Deep Roots

22 October 2015


Today I finished my first mural in Pittston - making it their SIXTH!  The amount of ART in a few blocks in this fast growing city is astonishing and refreshing.  Mike Lombardo and Rose Randazza have made a once depressed town into a destination point! 

The tree and figure were decided as a calming spot as the building is located in a grotto.

The eagle which symbolizing freedom, healing and wisdom flew about me last week.... asking to be included - of course.   

Life is Easy Simple and...... Fun

01 October 2015





My friend Sean says this a lot ... Life is Easy Simple and Fun - it really kicks the 'Life is Good' out of the water!  So, I decided to do some fun pillows.  My student, Lola's grandma who brings her to art lessons saw them and thought to get one.  She couldn't make up her mind... and ended up with.... well, let's just say... more then one!  And after show and tell, Ms. Eloise was quite happy to have her couch back - and 'her' pillow given to her by Auntie Rame.