Tristan Gets Beatles Guitars!

28 October 2010

Tristan loves the Beatles - his room has pictures and memorabilia all over so it only made sense that he would want the guitars of Paul, Ringo and George painted in his room.

Nickolas Gets Owls in His Room

26 October 2010

Nickolas loves and recites everything there is to know about owls. He picked this theme for his room and also picked some powerful words which I put on the ribbon in the owls mouth.  The words being: leader, journey and wisdom - I would say he may like owls because he's one wise youngster!

Piper Gets Fairies Painted Around Her Room

16 October 2010

Piper had an lovely room transformed into a magical arena for her imagination to soar with flying fairies and dragonflies painted all around her room in soothing light pink and green yesterday.   Her big brothers Tristan and Nicholas  are now thinking they need some equal attention in their rooms with perhaps images of the Beatles and/or their guitars.

Two New Silks

05 October 2010


I've had a request for another firefly silk - here it is - with the ubiquitous verticals in primary colors and also two birch trees grounded away form the pack.

Benco Dental Hangs Two Original Floral Pieces

19 October 2010

Yesterday Bob of Benco Dental did a terrific job figuring out the math to center the two pieces he hung in Benco Dental's lobby.  The new site of Benco is on CenterPoint Boulevard in Pittston, Pa.  It's an amazing experience to see the breath of this company - I'm thrilled to have my work part of this classy organization.

Black and White Poppy in Modern Home

11 October 2010

It's always neat to see one of your pieces in a new home being enjoyed and 'communicating' to the owners other art works and sense of space.
This black and white poppy painting looks much different than it did in the studio..... I think it's found a pretty nice home to rest in......